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R200 reward for referring an author to us for digital publishing | Bula Buka

Yes, you can get a R200 reward for referring anyone to digitally publish a book with us, i.e book conversion to ebook and distribution to online stores.

Below are the terms and conditions to the offer.

  • The reward is given to you after the person referred has done and paid for services we have offered to them.
  • They (the client referred) should hold necessary rights to commission us to service them in this regard.
  • The client referred must do the referred business with us within 30 days of the referral.
  • The person doing the referral cannot be the same person who holds rights to commission us to do the work or owner of the work.
  • It is not a pre-requisite, but if possible do introduce us to the possible client or supply us with their contacts.

Do contact us on 083 4755 614, or email

Thaamir Moerat – Mama I Sold You

Mama I Sold You by Thaamir Moerat

Thaamir Moerat, started his sales career as a Tele-Sales agent with no experience and after month 1, he was the agent of the month, month 2, broke the record with 300 sales averaging 15 a day at a premium of R55 per sale. Cold calling, referral based sales! He was immediately promoted to Team leader and managed a team of 12 agents averaging 1.2 sales per hour daily. That is 8-10 sales per agent per day.

An opportunity arose in the call centre at an international online gaming company as an inbound entertainment executive dealing with customer queries worldwide. After 2 months in the call centre, he took the initiative to start prospecting and calling clients to get them spending more. As the company had no outbound department, he was the only one doing so. He saw the need for an entire department and “pitched” the call centre head to let him recruit a team and start a department from scratch. He gave Thaamir Moerat 1 month to prove to him why. That month he met and exceeded all sales and inventory targets and his request was granted. 1 month later he had a team of 12-14 agents running 24/7 calling the world and converting players at a rate of 14 per agent per shift.

After month 3, the Cape town site broke the record for Liberty Life call centre sales (8000) with 60 agents. A number achieved frequently thereafter. 2 years later, Thaamir was contracted to train 5000 face to face sales reps for the government backed Commuter Card project.

He is the brains behind products like the GetSmart Card,, and the CitySleekerrange and is the sole owner of The Fish King Factory shop in Paarl. Thaamir also holds directorship atVineyards rugby (Pty) Ltd, is part of the PMJ Exco and serves on the POBC of the Paarl Boys High old boys union.

Find Mama I Sold You on Amazon and iBookstore

Dr. Joel N Motlafi’s book ‘Life Without Limitations’ now sold on Amazon, iBookstore and many other online bookstores

Life Without Limitations by Dr. Joel N Motlafi

Foreword by PASTOR J.J. ZONDI: He inspires you to reach out to your best life, spiritually, psychologically and socially. He points out clearly that success is not limited to a financial segment and he explains other aspects of life where we need to be successful in order to experience peace and true love. In his discourse, Dr. Motlafi describes the origination of mankind and how powerful, creative and limitless mankind was before the fall. The long and short of Dr. Motlafi’s message in this book is: Change your thinking into God’s thinking and your life will change. And then you will live a life of rulership in your family, business and career, where creation is commanded to serve you.

David Chislett’s poetry book ‘For You or Someone Like You’ now sold on Amazon, iBookstore and now sold on Amazon, iBookstore and many other online bookstores

For You or Someone Like You by David Chislett

David Chislett’s debut poetry collection, For You Or Someone Like You consists of 90 poems showcasing Chislett’s range and depth of emotion, subject matter and style in a taut and visceral collection of verse.

The poems in For You Or Someone Like You were all drawn from an 18 month period when Chislett was posting a poem a day on popular social media site, Facebook. None of the poems published on the site were re-worked or edited in anyway, merely published straight from Chislett’s imagination to Facebook. From nearly over four hundred poems, this collection of 90 was drawn.

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