Testimonials: Grade 11&12 Maths Study Guide: Mathematics with Nqayiya


‘Mathematics with Nqayiya’ is available in bookstores nationwide: Exclusive Books, Van Schaik, Bargain Books, Protea Books, Adams Books and many others.

“The study guide is very understandable, basic English especially for us who are not using English as a home language. The concepts are well explained.” – Sikele (Tutor, Gauteng)

“My niece wanted to quit pure maths. I bought him your book a month ago and he is now happy. He obtained 80% for her latest test. Thank you.” – Zanele

“I had no hope in mathematics this year. But now the study guide has changed my negative opinions and views against maths, the guide is honestly amazing. I love it.” – Katleho (Grade 11 learner, Limpopo)

“It is very easy to understand. I like the fact that it digs deeper into the basics before revealing complex scenarios.”  – Abongile (Grade 12 learner, Eastern Cape)

“Thank you for the simplicity of explaining mathematics concepts. I went through the chapter on Analytical Geometry and it’s very easy to understand and explain to my learners. Qhubekeka nomsebenzi omhle… Makwande!!” – Sikelelwa (Tutor, Gauteng)

“It is easy to understand a topic, especially Trigonometry. It is so very easy to understand and very clear.” – Emihle (Grade 11, Eastern Cape)

“I would encourage each and every learner, tutor, teacher and parent to get this study guide. Mathematics paper 2 is one of the papers that most learners fail. But the initiative of this study guide will put an end to that since now that paper has been simplified on Mathematics with Nqayiya.” – Litha (Tutor, Eastern Cape)

“I recommend it. If a person can go through the study guide earlier, even if they use it 4 months before they write, there’s a high chance that they will get a minimum of 70% in P2. Not only is it easier to understand but it encourages you to want to learn more. Every step has an example.” – Abongile (Matriculant, Eastern Cape)

“I recommend the study guide. It makes one understand paper 2. Everything is explained very well and a lot of worked exam-type questions to help you.” – Sine (Cape Town)

“It is easy to follow and provides all the fundamental basics needed for each topic. It is a game-changer for us as maths teachers!” – Asaduma (Teacher, Eastern Cape)

“It explains clearly the chapters. The learner does not need to have a teacher in front for the explanation.” – Vuyolwethu (Teacher, Eastern Cape)


Mathematics is perceived as one of the most challenging subject matters.  This perception imposes the need for the publication of mathematical guides that are user-friendly. This is one of the objectives Awonke Nqayiya had as he compiled this learner study guide.

This study guide is a two-in-one guide for Mathematics paper two for both Grade 11 and Grade 12 learners. It seeks to provide continuity from one grade to another.

It offers simplicity in four math chapters, namely: Statistics, Analytical Geometry, Trigonometry and Euclidean Geometry.

The guide is easy to use, easy to understand, and is suitable even for self-study purposes.


Awonke Nqayiya is a mathematics enthusiast and an upcoming statistician who currently is a master’s candidate majoring in Mathematical Statistics at Nelson Mandela University.

His undeniable passion for mathematics earned him a bachelor’s degree (Cum Laude) in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at Nelson Mandela University.

Awonke matriculated with distinctions in several subjects including mathematics at Gobe Commercial High School in Eastern Cape.

Away from his master’s research, he devotes his time to teaching Mathematics to high school learners. Mathematics with Nqayiya – his published study guide for Grade 11 and 12 – is one of the ways he spreads education in mathematics.

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