David Chislett

Born in Britain, David Chislett was raised in South Africa and currently resides in The Netherlands. For him, the concepts of Nowhere and Everywhere encapsulate the essence of home.   David Chislett is a published author, poet, musician, and artist. Across a span of over 25 years, he has also worn the hat of an entrepreneur. Creativity stands as the connecting thread weaving through all facets of his life.   Through the sharing of his insights into the human capacity for creativity, David Chislett aspires to make a positive impact on the world, one presentation at a time. He has been gracing the stage in various capacities since 1980, infusing each presentation with his wealth of experience, diligent research, humor, and unwavering passion.   In his poetry, David Chislett finds solutions to the challenge of expressing intricate emotions in a manner that is relatable and empathetic. Similarly, whether he's providing training, speaking engagements, or coaching sessions, his goal remains consistent: to address and resolve the challenges faced by his clients.   Endowed with an unending curiosity, David Chislett's perpetual quest to understand "WHY?" and "HOW?" has paved the way for him to establish connections across diverse domains. This ongoing journey has allowed him to bridge gaps and uncover commonalities.   Drawing a parallel with the world of cinema, David Chislett believes that solutions from one realm often find relevance in another. He holds firm in the belief that every individual possesses creativity within, and by honing it as a skill, one can enrich their toolkit, enabling them to observe keenly, analyze effectively, and make well-informed decisions.   David Chislett directs his speaking engagements towards aiding individuals, teams, and companies in harnessing, nurturing, and amplifying their creative capacities. His conviction stems from the understanding that creativity acts as a catalyst, propelling individuals to become the best versions of themselves.  

Books By David Chislett