Confessions of a Sugar Baby

By: Mike Maphoto

What starts of as a game for this young girl, leads to death, broken families, mistrust and misadventures that destroy lives.

Confessions of a Sugar Baby is a tragic and yet powerful story that reflects the views of young girls when it comes to sugar-daddies, family, education and society.

Because when one is young, they believe they know it all and thus do not listen to reason.

She fails to understand her fate even though it is right before her own eyes. Her mother – a sugar baby herself – is the perfect example of how life can truly be bad, if the amazing happens, and the sugar daddy actually marries his sugar baby.

In fact, it was this stubbornness and free spirit of being born as one of the infamous ama2000 that would lead her life to fall apart.

What Nelisa did not understand was that the story of a sugar daddy is as old as time and the victim like those before her, would always be the girl child.

It is the story of a high school teenage girl who falls into the trap of dating older man.

Nelisa’s story is a powerful tragedy of what it means to be a teenage girl in today’s fast paced society, in which being relevant means fierce competition.

This is a universal story that needs to be told over and over again because it is a prevalent social ill.




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South Africa



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