By: Mike Maphoto

Yolanda Khanyile has the world at her feet. As a recent graduate, she has secured her first job, apartment, and paycheque. She knows that life can only get better from here. Then she meets Victor… sigh! He is immensely wealthy, good-looking, and smart, and he has only eyes for her, but there is a catch.

Victor is into the dark arts of bondage, ropes, whips, and chains. This is something new for Yolanda, as these things do not exist in her Zulu culture.

Their worlds collide in an unlikely manner, but there is more to the story. Did Victor groom Yolanda, or did he set this up so that she would be his submissive and he her dom?

Yolanda must consider what she is willing to learn and let go of as she navigates this new relationship. As an educated woman in the 21st century, will she allow Victor to make her do the things that submissives do? He may have bitten off more than he can handle.


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