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Rosie Motene’s book ‘Reclaiming the Soil’ now available on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & Noble

We welcome our new client, Rosie Motene. Her book/memoir Reclaiming the Soil: A Black Girl’s Struggle to Find Her African Self’ is now available on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & Noble. We converted the book into an ebook and distributed to these stores.

Book synopsis

The Rosie Motene story is about a young girl born to the Bafokeng nation during the apartheid era in South Africa. At the time, Rosie’s mother worked for a white Jewish family in Johannesburg who offered to raise the child as one of their own. This generous gesture by the family created many opportunities for Rosie but also a trail of sacrifices for her parents. As she grew, Rosie struggled to and her true identity. She had access to the best of everything but as a black girl she floundered without her own culture or language. This book describes Rosie’s journey through her fog of alienation to the belated dawning of her self-discovery as an African.

Why Publish a Book Online and as An eBook?

Bula Buka is an international publishing services provider based in South Africa.

We service and provide relieve to authors, publishing houses and various entities around the world with the following services:  eBook conversion and distribution to premium online bookstores (Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Barneys & Noble and others), editing, cover design,  marketing, book layout design, printing and varied consultations.

An ebook is a digital book format. It can be read on mobile phones, tablets, desktops and ereaders.

The premium online bookstores to publish with are Amazon, Apple iBookstore on iTunes, Kobo.co.za and BN.com.

Why publish a book online and as an ebook?