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Former Springboks player Gcobani Bobo writes a rugby hero novel. The main character is Xhosa and speaks Japanese – The Rise of the Dagger

Former Springboks player Gcobani Bobo teamed up with Elvis Jack to write a rugby hero novel called The Rise of the Dagger – What Happens in a Rugby Story When Life Interrupts?

It stars Xolile Dalindyebo, a Xhosa rugby player who mysteriously also speaks Japanese.

Xolile comes out of nowhere to play rugby explosively. His history is uncertain but the fans love him. He is small yet very strong, electrifyingly fast with an intelligent sidestep and an instinct for the game.

Excerpt from The Rise of the Dagger, a rugby novel by former player Gcobani Bobo

The Rise of the Dagger by Gcobani Bobo and Elvis Jack


Allison sat in the box above the half way line. She had had two brandy and cokes forced on her by a large man called Rudi whose son played scrumhalf for the Lions and her head was spinning both from the alcohol and the occasion. Several things had surprised her: it was late evening on an autumn Highveld day and the dark had fallen quickly. The flood lights were on they were simply spectacular: the field and the stadium were light as a summer’s day. She could see the players clearly, even their facial expressions. The crowd was loud but not raucous and only slightly drunk as a group. There was an air of excitement that she found infectious, attractive even.