Former YFM CEO Kanthan Pillay Joins Bula Buka Publishers as Author of “How to Fix South Africa”

Bula Buka Publishers is delighted to welcome Kanthan Pillay. We will be distributing and marketing his latest book to bookstores. The book is titled How to Fix South Africa: An Owner’s Manual.

Unbeknownst to the broader public and perhaps excluding his followers, Mr. Pillay is quite the technocrat. With a 43-year media career, Kanthan Pillay has directed successful ventures in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and digital media – including The Cape Times, ETV News, and YFM. His technology pursuits include roles at Princeton University’s Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics and CRS4 in Sardinia, Italy.

How to Fix South Africa addresses the turmoil in South Africa: political corruption at the highest levels of government, criminals walking out of prison at their convenience and living lives of luxury, and power blackouts lasting up to 12 hours a day.

Kanthan believes South Africans are also adept at finding solutions. This book is a treasure trove of simple, cost-effective ideas that could immediately improve the nation:

  • Discover how to revitalize tourism in South Africa for free.
  • Learn how to transform the policing system without significant expenses.
  • Find ways to upgrade education and healthcare without increasing the budget.
  • Implement a sustainable alternative to the basic income grant while boosting the economy.
  • Resolve the land issue without resorting to expropriation.

Regardless of political preferences, readers are encouraged to urge their politicians to adopt these ideas.

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Book retailers and corporations interested in placing orders or bulk purchases are encouraged to contact us for further information.

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