We are a fully-fledged publisher, meaning we sign authors and their manuscripts, offering them publishing contracts. This includes financing the development and publication of the manuscripts, as well as marketing and distributing the books to a global audience.


Bula Buka offers distribution services to select authors and books, ensuring their presence in most bookstores in South Africa and neighbouring countries. These bookstores include physical stores such as Exclusive Books, Bargain Books, Wordsworth, Van Schaik, and Protea Books, as well as their online stores. Additionally, we distribute to major marketplaces like and Amazon.

Publishing Management

We have managed the publication of hundreds of book titles. Publishing management involves the professional oversight and development of new books or periodicals. This includes supervising and executing tasks such as editing, co-writing, cover design, ISBN acquisition, barcoding, eBook conversion (EPUB and Amazon Kindle), layout design, and several other publishing roles such as launching and bookstore distribution.


We license books for publishing and distribution in South Africa.

Catalogue Management

We manage books for various authors and their estates, ensuring they remain in circulation in both physical and online bookstores.


Visit our printing partner, Buka Print, for all your printing needs.

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