Diary Of A Cheating Wife Book 1

By: Londiwe Xaba, Siphelele Masango

“Diary of a Cheating Wife” is a scandalous, funny, and yet beautiful love triangle tale of a gorgeous young girl from a small town in KZN. Her name is Nobuhle.

Infidelity, lust, love, sex, greed for money, love triangles, secrets, witchcraft, and polygamy are just some of the words that describe this book.

Nobuhle is coerced into marrying a wealthy man in order to assist her family financially.

However, she falls head over heels in love with another man. Her life soon becomes a scandal when she has to juggle her two personas.

How long can she keep leading this double life?

The book explores the controversial topic of polygamous marriages and the stigma attached to the greed for money.

It examines how life’s trials and tribulations can lead one to desperation and result in doing the unthinkable, such as using forms of traditional medicine to acquire happiness and satisfaction.


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South Africa



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