Diary Chronicle

The "diary chronicle" genre has amassed millions of readers across South Africa, neighbouring countries, extending as far as Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Europe, and North America. The "diary chronicle," or "diary chron," genre emerged around 2013 and 2014 in South Africa as a literary category characterized by stories and books written in the style of fictional diary-like posts on Facebook. These works present chronicles of young adults' unconventional lives. They are marked by their brisk pacing, diary-esque narrative, vivid depiction of intimate scenes, and incorporation of surprising plot twists. Typically, the main characters document their actions and relationships during the era of social media, exploring themes such as blessers, blessees, slay queens/kings, players, as well as indulgence in expensive champagne and whiskey. The term "diary chronicle" was coined by our founder, Tiisetso Maloma, along with publishing colleague Lesedi Setlhodi.

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