Dr. Joel N Motlafi’s book ‘Life Without Limitations’ now sold on Amazon, iBookstore and many other online bookstores

Life Without Limitations by Dr. Joel N Motlafi

Foreword by PASTOR J.J. ZONDI: He inspires you to reach out to your best life, spiritually, psychologically and socially. He points out clearly that success is not limited to a financial segment and he explains other aspects of life where we need to be successful in order to experience peace and true love. In his discourse, Dr. Motlafi describes the origination of mankind and how powerful, creative and limitless mankind was before the fall. The long and short of Dr. Motlafi’s message in this book is: Change your thinking into God’s thinking and your life will change. And then you will live a life of rulership in your family, business and career, where creation is commanded to serve you.