Eva Chauke’s book ‘Rather be a fool for God’ and ‘Debts ~ I will kill you before you kill me’ now sold on Amazon, iBookstore and many other online bookstores

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These two books are centred around God and what He can do for you, whether you are a believer or a non-believer. The first book, titled “Rather Be a Fool for God”, focuses on the power and benefits of forgiveness, and how Gog made it clear in His Word that He forgives those who forgive others and does not forgive those who do not. The saying ‘Unwillingness to forgive is like drinking poison and expecting the next person to die’ encapsulates it.

In contrast, the second book, “Debts – I Will Kill You Before You Kill Me” the author gives insight on debts that are often the course of many a people’s downfalls, depression and shattered households. In the book, which also tells of God’s grace, expands on how our believe in God plays a role in getting the wisdom and a broader understanding why certain things happen in our lives, such as the financial blows that affect individuals, their children, and often if not addressed and worked upon, affects the generation thereof. If you need guidance and/or solutions on how to curb the cycle of poverty, through God’s plan, this book will at least get you in line with what one needs to do to turn their lives into fruitful and rewarding life. 

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