Why Publish a Book Online and as An eBook?

Bula Buka is an international publishing services provider based in South Africa.

We service and provide relieve to authors, publishing houses and various entities around the world with the following services:  eBook conversion and distribution to premium online bookstores (Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Barneys & Noble and others), editing, cover design,  marketing, book layout design, printing and varied consultations.

An ebook is a digital book format. It can be read on mobile phones, tablets, desktops and ereaders.

The premium online bookstores to publish with are Amazon, Apple iBookstore on iTunes, Kobo.co.za and BN.com.

Why publish a book online and as an ebook?

Preference catering

There are 2 facts about the commerce of publishing; either book readers are reading print copies or ebooks.

Thus it is imperative for authors and publishers to offer books in both physical and digital formats.

Late 2015, stats suggesting ebook sales are dropping came out. The numbers do not paint a clear picture because more authors are becoming more self published and do not belong to any association of publishers – which is where data for similar stats are taken. Nonetheless, it is imperative for authors and publishers to offer books in digital and print format, i.e. to cater to all preferences.


It is reasonably cheaper to release an ebook as compared to the costs of an initial print run.

Physical books are cheaper to print when the quantity is greater. To get a fair print cost per unit, you need to print at least 200 units. To print a 220 page book, A5 size or even 6X9 inch, at a quantity of 200 is about R7600 (R38 per unit).

To convert a similar book and distribute it (to Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Kobo and others) with BulaBuka.co.za is around R1500.

If budget is tight, it is wiser and a step forward to start with publishing an ebook.

Purchases at anytime by anyone in the world

Anyone at anytime can purchase an ebook from the premium stores mentioned. No need for the author to be contacted or the buyer to visit a physical store.

Good shot Amazon has a print on demand services for paperback books. Anyone in the world can make the purchase and have the book delivered to them.

Credibility and online presence

Imagine searching a person’s name on google and they appear on of the results as an Author on Amazon. This portrays credibility and the official status of the individual as an author.

These bookstores spend money on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make sure their authors and books come top on online search engines.

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